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First blog post? Sure.

Had a bit of a disagreement the other day with $SPOUSE and $BUNP about pride stuff. They both went to $OURCITY Pride, which, go them, but i can't stand corporate pride even a little bit. Give me something like Trans Pride like they did in Seattle, where it's a motherfuckin party that isn't sponsored by a damn person except the ones who care, not for making money from it. That's the Pride i want. Anyway. Cool, whatever, they enjoyed it, that's good enough.

Except then we were talking about flags and one of them mentioned that straight allies have a flag, and start describing it. i can't even fucking stand this, so cut in and bluntly point out that allies don't deserve a flag. When both of them disagreed with me, i had to drop it, but at the same time...

Allies don't need a flag. Flags are for the people who are oppressed, who need something they can look at and say “yes. this is us.” Allies are NOT that. i will not bow my head and let the allies speak up, claiming that they are just as oppressed, so as to need a flag, when they don't need to worry about surviving the day. When allies claim that they need a flag, they are recentering the story around them, where the story really needs to stay centered around the ones who are oppressed.

i have a story to tell. Of how i've spent my life feeling like i'm wrong, like everything is just Off about me. About what i am. And then, who i like. This is a story that is important to tell, as is the story of every other queer person out there who has had to deal with real oppression from the people and world around them. No ally has a story of “oh I'm being oppressed because I care about queer people” that is strong enough to overwrite the story of a queer person.

And i hate that i have to even say this.